Imperial Subjects: Online Seminar Series

It was great to take part in this last week! Glynn Vivian Art Gallery and the British Art Network hosted a seminar series organised by Dr. Zehra Jumabhoy. The last two seminars are taking place this week. Glynn Vivian Gallery will put all seminars online soon.

Jethro and I did a presentation for Seminar Two: ‘Miniatures and The West’

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This event includes curators, art historians and artists who will discuss the two-way traffic between painting in the Mughal courts and European styles. While modern and contemporary South Asian art is often accused of being ‘derivative’ – a narrative that is only now being challenged – little mention is made in academic circles of how South Asian art might have impacted European painting. If this event seeks to fill this gap in historical scholarship, it also aims to highlight that the interaction between British and South Asian art is not a thing of the past: the miniature-inflected work of London-based Jethro Buck and Elisabeth Deane, who studied under master miniaturists in India, are a case in point.
Presentations by:
• Emily Hannam • Dr. Mehreen Chida-Razvi • Artists Jethro Buck (Crane Kalman Gallery) and Elisabeth Deane (Grosvenor Gallery)