Cure3 — September 2020

As a call to action, art and science unite with Cure3 (Cure Cubed) the acclaimed contemporary art fundraising exhibition, established in 2017 and now in its third edition, devised and curated by Artwise in partnership with Bonhams to raise awareness and funds for The Cure Parkinson’s Trust.

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This is Jethro Buck and I’s response to the perspex cube for the
Cure3 exhibition which will be taking place at Bonhams, London (5-8 of September 2020). All works will be for sale to help raise money and awareness for The Parkinson’s Trust .

It seemed fitting to place an octahedron inside this cube. An octahedron is known as the ‘dual’ shape of a cube. A cube fits perfectly inside an octahedron and vice versa. Every point of the octahedron meets the very centre of all the cubes faces (not quite in this one because with the base this one is not an exact cube).

These two shapes are two of the five shapes known as the Platonic solids. Plato hypothesised and philosophised about these shapes that fit ‘perfectly’ within a sphere. Whereby every angle, every length and every shape comprising the surfaces of the solids are equal, there are only five 3-D shapes in the known universe that meet this criteria. The 2-D geometry has also been constructed using a compass and ruler. Aided by the instruction and notes of geometry teachers Paul Marchant and Jonathan Horning .

THANK YOU to Jonathan Horning and Paul Marchant for teaching us The Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts.

The shapes have been coloured using mineral pigments such as lapis lazuli, malachite and cinnabar. The star shapes have been gilded with 18 carat and 24 carat gold leaf.